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About - Riadh Hamdi - Health & Fitness Consultant, Speaker, and Author


“Dream All Day, Not Only in the Night!” - Riadh

Riadh Hamdi is an entrepreneur, health and fitness consultant, speaker, and author. He first discovered his passion for helping others when he became a personal trainer in his native country of Tunisia. Determined to create a better life for himself, Riadh came to the United States in 2000 with only $2 in his pocket.”


Today, he owns a chain of juice bars in Southern California, as well as a line of activewear and a brand of water. He loves his life and the many opportunities he finds to help others pursue their own dreams. Riadh currently lives in Long Beach, California.


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What Others Say About Riadh

"The $2 American Dream reveals the inspiring story of my friend Riadh Hamdi. His is the classic story of an immigrant coming to America to work hard for what he imagined “The American Dream” to be all about. What his story reveals to me, though, is the power of resiliency—the ability to spring back from and successfully adapt to adversity. As a professional educator, I wish resiliency were a core concept all schools taught. If it were, The $2 American Dream would be the perfect story to illustrate the multiple factors of resiliency to students of all ages."

— Dr. Jeff Sapp
Award-Winning Educator, Writer, and Activist

"In The $2 American Dream, Riadh Hamdi shares the secrets to his success—to how he went from being an immigrant to the United States who didn’t even speak English to being a successful business owner, and more importantly, a father, husband, and community-minded citizen who believes in giving back. Don’t pass up the opportunity to learn and be inspired by this story."

— Susan Friedmann
CSP and Best-Selling Author of Riches in Niches: How to Make It Big in a Small Market

"The $2 American Dream is the kind of book our country desperately needs right now. It’s proof that the American Dream still works and that immigrants like Riadh Hamdi who come to our country can be positive influences, create successful businesses, and give back to their communities. This book will teach you to appreciate what you have and inspire you to follow your dreams without letting any obstacle stand in your way. Two thumbs up!"

— Tyler R. Tichelaar
Ph.D. and Award-Winning Author of Narrow Lives and The Best Place