Being Fear-Less Takes Planning

A lot of people will say, “Hire your dreams and fire your fears.” Well, I don’t know that I fully agree with that statement. After working so long and so hard and facing so many situations, I now realize one cannot fire your fears. Fear will always come up at certain times, places, and situations. You are also in those times, places and situations, and it is up to you to acknowledge the fear and face it.

Make it your goal not to be fearless. Instead, make your goal to “fear less” by dreaming more. If I get up in the morning without an agenda, I end up being filled with fear or anxiety. The lack of a planned day could lead you to just waste away your day doing trivial things. Days that lack a plan can hold you back or really make you feel stuck. When you have a plan, you “fear less.”

Recently the entire Long Beach Airport held a disaster drill. Police, Fire, FBI, County Emergency Management, and half a dozen other agencies participated. Every year they do this using different event themes to guide their preparedness for any future catastrophe. Bomb threats, air crashes, fuel explosions, hostage situations…you name it, they practice for it.

If such an event were to occur, there would still be fear. However, having drilled extensively helps them all fear-less and get the job done. You can do the same. Plan to Fear Less in your own daily confrontations.

To Your Success…