Take That Big Step

What’s your biggest fear? What was the first fear you ever had? Can you remember it? I have many fears but there is one I remember clear as day.

When I came to America I had never seen an elevator before. When I first saw one in America, I viewed is as a “Box”. I called it a “Box”. I was very hesitant to go in. I questioned myself – What happens if I go in and I get stuck. Nobody will help me. However, I wanted to go to the top. So, my determination had to overcome my hesitation.

I realized the only way to go to the top is to go all the way in. Take the risk. Make the decision. Cross that threshold and let the door close behind you. Select the floor you seek and take that ride. When you conduct a project or set any plans for your business, the only way to launch it is to step across that entrance. You have to go all the way in.

Are you ready to take on the unknown? Can you commit to the possibility of that door closing behind you, meaning there is no turning back? Will you be prepared to step out on another level and get going in a new place that you may have never been before? Yes, it is scary, but also exciting! Yes, it may all seem like pure magic at first. However, once you get going and begin to learn and understand all that is around you, life improves tremendously.

Just like I told myself with my adventure in the elevator — You Can Do This!

And I did. And yes, I went ALL the way to the Top. How about You?

To Your Success…