The Big View Forward

You ever notice how big a car’s windshield is? Ever notice how little the rear-view mirrors are in comparison? The reason for this is that when you are driving, your attention needs to be on what is in front of you not behind you. This is exactly how life is.

The car windshield analogy is very much like life itself. It is very important to be aware of all that is happening in front of us, coming at us, moving into our vision, or what we ourselves are approaching. Forward vision helps us to anticipate everything from the stop sign at the corner to pedestrians stepping off the curb and it keeps us focused. We must look forward instead of looking back because if we don’t, we won’t get to our next destination. Do you see how that translates to your life in general?

Yes, I mentioned those little rear-view mirrors. As in life, they may be small, but important. On the road and in life we occasionally look back and gather information in order to proceed. A car speeding up from the side could block our way during a turn or cause an impact should we or they change a lane without looking first. Hearing that siren and seeing those ambulance or fire truck flashing lights approaching from behind demands immediate attention. So, we must be cognizant of everything around us. The past, or what is behind us, can sometime race up to impact the present. Be aware but, moving forward is the most significant part of our journey, in the car or in life.

Things in life are proportional, be it what is behind, approaching, or in front. Learn from your past but let your focus remain on what’s ahead.

Always pay attention and be aware.

To Your Success…