Yes, You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

There are many things that people say to themselves that actually do more harm than good. The way we view life and handle different challenging situations can make or break us. One very common saying and somewhat not entirely true: “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”  This is a saying I really dislike – because not only is it inaccurate, but far too often is used as an excuse.

Here is an example: I love reading about the latest studies on internet usage. The assumption is that only millenials and younger kids are internet savvy. Business people limit themselves to a few sites. The assumption is that the older, but more wiser, age group is only interested in old technologies like email, and twitter (which is well over a decade old) right?

But guess what? Time’s are rapidly changing and you can now find that people of all ages are learning to use these technologically advanced tools. I admire those people that get out there and try new things!

Never mind that they didn’t grow up around computers, cell phones and tablets. Most of them learned how to type on those ancient mechanical typewriters.  So think about that, those ancient typewriters were once all we knew, now we have advanced computers! Just like machinery changes over time so can anyone else, with determination and following through with their hearts’ desire.

Here’s the bottom line: People can and will learn new things at any age. Given interest, clear benefits, and opportunity, a great many new tricks can be learned at any age. Old dogs get younger every day.

To Your Success…