99 Seconds

Are you a public speaker or dream of being one? I enjoy being able to speak in front of a group of people, but I know that there is always things I need to tweak or work on everytime I get off of the stage. Every situation you experience is an opportunity to learn. But, what if you are given only a small amount of time to get your point across?

There is a practice that you may have heard about. It is a skill called “99 Seconds.” It was created by The Thiagi Group many years ago. No, this is not the typical “elevator speech,” that moment you have with someone important that will be over in a blink of an eye, so you have limited time to get him/her to buy what you are selling.

The key to 99 Seconds is not to take WAY too long to get your point across. In thinking about this idea, Thiagi decided to give people just 99 seconds to share meaningful, useful information with the crowd. Could you do it — make your point clear to others in just 99 seconds? What is important is getting your message across. It is not about you; only your message.

I have participated in several of these challenges before and two things always stand out for me.

  1. 99 seconds isn’t very long and therefore, the message needs to be very clear and concise! Very experienced speakers and trainers who would not be anxious at all to stand on stage and present their material to you for an hour or half, can find themselves very nervous about the short time offered. 
  2. A tremendous amount of learning can take place in just 99 seconds!

We race along with everything we do everyday…and often spin our wheels, make copious mistakes and say the wrong thing. I often speak about our need to slow down – change how we get our message across, so it can reach more people.

I am a very high-energy and enthusiastic person, and I have come to learn that sometimes slowing down and making sure my message is clear is a better way to reach my audience. Knowing how to get your message across as simply as possible is a talent that takes skills to develop. I am still working on this myself!

I believe this lesson matters for trainers, public speakers, and . I think it is also important for leaders.

My message in far less than 99 seconds?
Strive for engagement, not just energy.

To Your Success…