1. Dream: Everyone has a dream that starts from the heart and mind. Think big. Do not let your negative thinking bring you down. If you want to be a dreamer, imagine the possibility of being free.

2. Believe: Your dream has to be passionate, strong, and special. You have to be prepared to complete it, no matter the circumstances.

3. See: Envision yourself in the future once you've achieved your dream.

4. Share: Tell your dreams to people who will support you. If you want your dream to disappear, don't tell anyone. The more you believe in yourself, and tell others, the more you will be held accountable and hold yourself accountable.

5. Plan: An easy way to make your dream come true is to have a plan. Sit down and make a list of all the actions you need to take to achieve your dream because your dream is your plan.

6. Achieve: To achieve your dream, you have to work hard. It's not about working a long day; it's about working on the most important tasks. Remember, the more important tasks you accomplish, the closer you are to your dream coming true.

7. Celebrate: When you achieve your dream, make sure you enjoy it. Celebrate your success and the rewards along the way, and don't forget to give yourself a hug when you get there. Then dream again, and dream bigger this time.


What's a dream that you feel very passionate about in life?